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Welcome to Webinar Mania

1.5 hours

6 lessons

Webinar Mania dives into the details on how to create, run and promote your own successful webinar. Webinars can be intimidating and scary for many bloggers, but they are an amazing tool - super high conversion rates that are great for product launches.

Explore all that Webinar Mania has to offer! Enjoy.

  • MODULE 1 - What is a Webinar, How Webinars Work, Naming Your Webinar
  • MODULE 2 - Learn the Tech Setup for a Webinar Using Google Hangouts/Youtube
  • MODULE 3 - Website Setup
  • MODULE 4 - Emails to Enrollees & Adding Urgency with Timers
  • MODULE 5 - Planning Webinar Content and Format
  • MODULE 6 - Promoting Your Webinar