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Use an Automation Tool to Pre-Schedule Promotional Content to Social Media

Create 14-28 posts (that's about 2-4 posts per day) about your FREEBIE and schedule those to share on social media throughout the week (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter - whatever it is that you use).

  • Be sure to use language that echoes your target audience's pain points.
  • Make sure your social media posts include PICTURES that are properly sized for each social platform (pictures always increase engagement)
  • Make sure the link to your site is a link to your freebie landing page
  • Try and schedule your posts to go out during a time that is prime time for your target audience. For me, that's usually between 3pm-8pm

Social Media Automation tools

These are the tools that you can use to schedule your social media in advance. They keep you sane so that you don't feel stressed that you have to post every single day at a certain time.

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer (this is what I use)

Watch the tour of Buffer below to get some unique Twitter Tips and a behind the scenes look at how to use Buffer (a free social scheduling tool!)

Take a virtual tour of Buffer: