Module 5 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Module 5

Your objectives for this module:


Creating the ideal pin:

For every blog post, freebie, service you offer, make sure you create 5 pins.

I repeat: make sure you create at least 5 pins for EACH.

Why so many pins?

Because group boards don’t want duplicate content, and neither do you. The more pins you create for each service, the more exposure you get (even if they all point to the same blog post or landing page).

Here's a glimpse at 3 examples of pins for the same page on my site.

Notice the variation.

They still match my brand, but they do vary visually. This allows you to appeal to different types of people who might be attracted to different designs, but it also allows you to promote the same page/post/freebie more widely on Pinterest through the same group boards without spamming.

Now, you may be thinking, "Eden, this totally isn't a Pinterest hack... this is so simple."

My response: YES, it is so simple, but so many people still only create one pin per post. And, in doing so, they miss out on the opportunity to share the same blog post to the same group boards multiple times (sometimes even day after day).

So, don't be those guys... take advantage of this hack!

FAQ: Do you need to save all those pins to your blog posts?

I've gotten this question a lot. People wonder if by creating 5 pins for each blog post, I'm suggesting that you actually need to include each of those pins on the blog itself. The answer is no, definitely not.

Usually, I save 1-2 pins to my blog post. The remaining pin designs I'll save directly to Pinterest and point them back to the blog post.

Not sure Where to Pin?

Sometimes navigating through group boards and regular boards can be confusing. Where exactly are you supposed to save your pins? To your regular boards? To your group boards? To other people's boards?

And are you supposed to save other people's pins, too? Gah it can all be so confusing!

Here's my answer (please note that this is what I do with a lot of success - though it's not a hard and fast rule).

#1 - Your pins go to ALL boards

Your pins are the pins that you've created for your site (they either point to your blog posts or your landing pages). "Your pins" may also be pins from other people's sites that TALK about your stuff.

For example, if someone wrote a post on their site about how amazing your product is and you want people to see that, you can treat their pin as your own pin for the sake of this section.

Save your pins to:

  1. Your group boards
  2. Your regular boards (when relevant)
  3. Group boards that you're a member of

#2 - Other pins go to YOUR boards

Save other people's pins to YOUR boards (where that be your group boards or your regular boards).

Keep in mind that many group boards have pinning restrictions. Do you want to waste your pinning limit on other people's pins? I don't recommend it. I recommend that you only use your pins to post to group boards and pin other people's stuff to your own boards.

Tip for you about pinning other people's stuff

If you're wondering where to find other people's pins, start by looking at the group boards that you're a member of and pinning from there. I call this pin karma. You get what you give, so if you spend time pinning other people's pins FROM the group boards that you participate in, you're doing your part... and hopefully someone else will save YOUR pins to repay the favor.

Using Canva to create the ideal pin:

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