Module 10 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Module 10

Your objectives for this module:


What is a Pinterest Ready Website?

A Pinterest-ready website is a site that is fully compatible with Pinterest in the following ways:

  1. It is easy for people to follow you on Pinterest
  2. It is easy for people to share your blog posts on Pinterest
  3. Your blog posts have imagery that is ideal for Pinterest (properly sized)
  4. Your imagery for Pinterest can easy be shared and saved

That's it - only four main things you need in order for your site to be Pinterest-ready.

Let's talk about how to get there:

1. Make it easy for people to follow you on Pinterest

Social Follow Buttons

Every site should have social follow buttons. And, don't worry, it's super easy to achieve. Some WordPress sites already have social follow buttons built into their platform. Others don't. If you don't, I recommend you get the following:

Ultimate Social Media Plus Plugin - Free

I have this plugin on my site and it looks like this in my footer:

Pinterest Widgets

Now just because you have social follow buttons in your footer or sidebar doesn't mean you also shouldn't have a Pinterest widget that displays your profile/pins.

Here is what a widget looks like:

To get something similar on your site, download this plugin called Pinterest Widgets.

2. Make it easy for people to share your blog posts on Pinterest

You have social follow buttons, but now you need social sharing buttons in order to accomplish this step and make your site Pinterest Ready.

There are lots of choices that you can choose from but I recommend one of the following plugins:

Social Warfare - click here to learn more

Shareaholic - click here to learn more

3. Include Pinterest-Ready images in your blog posts

If people really liked your post but don't see a pinterest-sized image, they probably won't share it even if they want to. So, fix that problem and be sure that all of your blog posts have pin-sized images included.

4. Make Sure Your Images Have a Pin-It button on hover (to make it easy to share and save)

See how in the left corner of this image there's a little red "save" button? That appears when anyone hovers their cursor over any image on my site. It makes it super easy for people to pin my images to Pinterest.

To get that feature, click here to download the plugin and install it on your WordPress site.

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