Phase 3 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

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"Lead Nurturing & List Building"

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Every week, from here on out, you are responsible for making sure you get promo done. Promoting your content means that you'll get more traffic and more people on your email list. Now that you have a freebie and a welcome email sequence setup, you'll be able to ensure your new leads are well taken care of. This means, when you're ready to pitch your product, they'll be jumping up and down to buy!

This week, your homework is to:

  1. Explore the promo library
  2. Go through the "guest post like a pro" course and start implementing what you learn

Am I ready for Pit Stop #4?

You are ready for Pit Stop #4 if you: 

1. Have written a welcome email

2. Created a welcome email series

3. Connected your welcome email to your form in your email service provider

4. Explored the Promo Library and do the guest post like a pro course (start implementing what you learn)