Phase 2 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

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PIT STOP #2: "Strategic Lead Capture"

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To make your life EVEN simpler, you can use these editable freebie templates to create your own design. If you are not a design oriented person, this could save you hours up on hours of work. Please be sure to MAKE A COPY of the design BEFORE you begin editing as these are global files.

click here to access the templates

Am I ready for Pit Stop #3?

You are ready for Pit Stop #3 if you: 

1. Have you created a strategic freebie to capture the right leads to your email list? 

2. Did you connect your freebie to your email service provider? 

3. Did you display your freebie form on your site? 

4. Did you create a landing page for your freebie? 

5. Did you start to promote your freebie?