Session 2 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Session 2 (April 28th, 2018)

Your objectives for this module:


Agenda for coaching call:

00:00 - 10:00 

  • Catch up on homework
    • Finish up the emails
    • Emails 2 and 3 can be stories
    • Finish the quiz questions and get it setup with a tool
      • Thrive Quiz Builder

10:00 - 30:00 (rest of time)

  • Putting your form on your website and a landing page
  • Characteristics of great forms/landing pages
    1. don't use word "submit" or "subscribe"
    2. Went over some examples of great forms/landing pages 
    3. You want 4 things setup: 
      1. above the fold form on home page
      2. side bar form
      3. slide in form that takes up the whole page
      4. landing page
  • Guest Posting (build relationships, build your domain authority, grow your funnels, build up expertise)
  • Influencer Marketing (ties into Guest Posting)
    • Make a list of 10 influencers that you want to befriend and start building a relationship with them
    • Use this spreadsheet if you'd like! (it is locked so just go to file >> make a copy to save it to your own drive)


  • Finish your first 3 emails completely
  • Find a quiz builder that you want to use
  • Create the quiz in the quiz builder
  • Make a list of 20 website that you are going to pitch guest posts and start drafting a pitch (at our check in I'm going to give you feedback on your pitches and then have you send them)
  • Identify 10 influencers that you want to befriend in your niche and start commenting on their blogs, sharing their content, hanging out with them on social media, etc. The ELLEN approach 🙂

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