Mastermind Overview - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Mastermind Sessions

Every month, we host a mastermind session for members of the RBU community. The mastermind sessions work as follows: 

  • Intro activity: We follow up on the previous week to make sure we met our goals
  • Teaching time - Liz Wilcox, the mastermind leader, will spend a few minutes of teaching time relaying important lessons and takeaways for you
  • Goals for next time - Every session ends with you setting goals for next week so that the group can hold you accountable

There are only 3 rules associated with the mastermind: 

  1. Show up (no matter what - even if you haven't done anything since the previous session... always show up)
  2. Ask for help (we are here for you so please speak up if you need us so we can help you work through whatever challenge you may be facing). 
  3. Trust in the process (there are always going to be highs and lows - trust that it's going to work if you put in the work - because it will)

Sessions are run by Liz Wilcox, email marketing and launch copywriting expert.