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Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Method 2: Freebie On Facebook

Your objectives for this module:


If you're a member of Blogging Facebook groups, you know that many of them have promo days or share days. Instead of sharing a recent blog post, share your freebie. Do this consistently across the board. But remember, don't link drop and ditch.

The best way to leave a freebie is with an elevator pitch. Always explain what your freebie is, who it targets, and what value it provides. This will be sure that qualified people only sign up for your list. Even if no one signs up for your list through this, you may get some people to share your freebie on social media... that's a big plus, too!

To find Facebook groups, just search "blogger" in FB 🙂

Your actionable homework:

  1. Find Facebook group promo threads (at least 3)
  2. Write an elevator pitch for your freebie
  3. Share your freebie with your elevator pitch in each promo thread

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