Method 14 // List Building Library - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Method 14: Leverage your fan-base

Your objectives for this module:


Now that you have some subscribers... you have the capability to leverage your subscribers and get them to help you promote your freebie and extend your reach.

Option 1: 

Send an email and ask your subscribers to SHARE your freebie. Include click-to-tweet and click-to-pin text to make it ultra quick and easy for them to do so.

Use the click-to-tweet functionality by clicking here

You can also include click-to-pin functionality, as well. There's no special tool for this. Simply hyperlink text to direct people straight to the pin on Pinterest that you want them to save! Easy-peasy.

Option 2: 

Ask for a testimonial via email. Once they give you testimonials, take a screenshot of it and include it on your landing page for your freebie. The more social proof you have, the more likely people who land on your landing page will actually choose to sign up.

You can also ask them to tweet a testimonial and tag you in their tweet. Or you can even ask them to leave a review of you on your Facebook business page.

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