Lesson 1 - Rebel Boss University for Digital Product Creators

Let's get cracking... #BBBU

Week 1 - Crafting the Freebie

Your objectives for this module:


It's next to impossible to grow an email list without a great freebie. Have people done it? Sure, but it's MUCH easier when you have a great freebie to offer your audience.

The goals for this week:

  1. If you don't have a freebie, create one
  2. If you have a freebie, make it better (many of you have told me that you have a freebie that "doesn't work" or "needs some help")
  3. If you have a freebie that works, consider making another one that works (it's recommended that you create a freebie for every "category" on your site that you talk about)

Workbook referenced: 

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