Turn your new subscribers into instantaneous buyers with a tripwire offer

A complete course to teach you how to turn your brand new leads into buyers within seconds of them joining your email list.

You're scared out of your mind that no one is ever going to buy your products/services.

"Is anyone even going to BUY from me EVER?!"

You've invested so much energy trying to get your services and products all organized and ready to sell but you have NO FREAKING CLUE if you'll ever actually get anyone to buy them from you! Ugh! 

"I've spent SO MUCH TIME trying to make my business work and it just feels like it's never going to work out. Why is this so hard!?"

You've spent SO MUCH TIME working but it seems like no matter the time commitment or effort, you have to work so hard for each and every sale. It's not evergreen. It doesn't work on auto-pilot. Every sale feels like pulling teeth and you just wish there was an easier way to make money!

"I HATE being salesy. Isn't there a way to make sales without the sleazy-salesy feel?!"

You know your products/services are GOOD but you don't feel confident as a seller. It feels forced to you. It feels like a lot of work. You wish there was a way to sell without being a salesperson. You wish there was a way to sell while feeling GOOD.

But what if I told you that you could increase the odds that your new email subscribers will for sure buy from you?

Did you know: once someone buys something from you once, they're statistically more likely to buy something from you again?

Yep, it's true. Once you get someone to buy from you once, they're much more likely to buy from you again.


Uhhh, I sure hope so!

Why don't you sell a super low-cost, high value product to your new leads as soon as humanly possible to turn them into buyers?

That way, once they buy that super awesome, high-value, low cost product they're INSTANTLY more likely to buy your MORE expensive products later on down the line!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy, you know what I mean?

Seriously, just like that, sell them a $9 product that they really want to increase the odds that they'll buy your $97 online course later on, or your $499 coaching package.

You need to turn as many of your new leads into customers as fast as possible so that you increase the odds that they'll buy from you again, and again, and again.

SElling you high-ticket products/services is easier if you're selling to people who have already purchased from you before

Let's say that you have a goal of selling a more expensive product (let's say anything higher than $97). 

One of the best ways to increase the chances that your leads will buy your high ticket products from you is to offer them a LOW COST product right off the bat, once they sign up for your email list. 

The low-cost product is often referred to as an "Easy Yes" offer since it's so easy to say yes to!

Since it's so inexpensive and high value, your leads won't feel any pain about buying the product and saying YES to it. It's relatively risk-free, it's of value to them, and won't hurt anyone's wallet. 

Now that they've purchased that low cost product, they're instantly more likely to buy your more expensive products from you down the line. 

Yes, it REALLY is that simple!

All you need is a tripwire product

& it's easy peasy to setup!

step 1

Someone signs up to your email list by downloading your lead magnet

step 2

You immediately redirect them to your tripwire sales page for a low-cost product

step 3

Your new subscriber says YES to your product and you just made a sale on auto pilot


Instant Customers Course will teach you how to setup a tripwire offer so that you can turn your new leads into instant customers as fast as possible with a low-cost, high value digital product.

Your tripwire will help you turn your new subscribers into buyers within minutes of them signing up for your email list - which means they're WAY more likely to buy your higher priced products in the future!

Essentially, this course will teach you how to setup a tripwire that will not only help you earn a bit of extra cash on auto-pilot, but also make your future product/service launches way more successful.

The Instant Customers Course will teach you how to setup your a tripwire offer so you can turn your leads into buyers on auto-pilot, totally stress and launch free!

In the Instant Customer Course, you're going to learn how tripwires work in your sales process, how to create a high converting offer, how to setup a tripwire, what tools to use (and tutorials on how to use them). You'll also learn how to analyze whether or not your tripwire offer is a success, and how to adapt it for better sales.

What the heck is a tripwire product, you ask?

A tripwire product is a low-cost digital product that is offered for a limited amount of time for very limited time discounted pricing. 

Tripwire products can be anything digital!

Ebooks, mini courses, checklists, spreadsheets, graphic templates, a bundle of resources. The most important thing is that your tripwire product be related to your lead magnet and it should help to solve a pain point your customer is experiencing.

Tripwires are easy yes offers  that will turn your new leads into instant buyers within seconds of downloading your lead magnet!

tripwire products have so much untapped power in your business model

(no matter your niche)

earn income to cover your expenses

increase likelihood your audience will buy from you again

Get new leads to know you, Like you, trust you!

Offer high value to your new leads right off the bat

Get a true taste of "sales while you're sleeping" - auto pilot!

Build up a queue of insanely targeted buyers for higher priced products

Using the instant customer course model, you'll learn how to turn your leads into instant buyers with a tripwire!

Here's how it works

After implementing the Instant Customer Course model, I generated over $20,000 in just 12 months! 

After I setup my first tripwire, I was HOOKED and new that I could replicate that success! So I setup lots of tripwires and in lots of different formats. All in all, I've generated over $20,000 from various tripwire offers and I LOVE how hands off and passive it is! Most digital products require maintenance - but NOT tripwires!

But it's not just me.

The instant customer course model is helping these lovely ladies, as well!

Laurie setup her first tripwire ever and has made over $1,000 from a $12 product! 

Laurie setup a tripwire for the first time and without expecting it, was able to sell over 83 copies within a few months! This generated over $1,000 and has made a significant impact on her business! Laurie's niche is special needs parenting.

Liz also made over $1,000 from a tripwire priced at $9.99 in the "food blog" niche!

Liz (from the Cleaning Eating Couple) setup a tripwire for the first time and the very next day made her first sale! Since then, she's made over $1,000 from her tripwire product - and she hasn't had to put in any work at all! 

Julie has made $900+ from a $12 tripwire product in the financial planning niche!

Julie is able to 100% cover the cost of her ad spend with her tripwire product! Which means she's able to generate as many leads as she wants to for free!

Just imagine making SALES on auto-pilot, too!


That's the power of tripwires!

Tripwires are magical. here's what they can do for you!

  • Help you turn your leads into buyers INSTANTLY
  • Make it more likely that your audience buys from you again
  • Cover the cost of your monthly business expenses
  • Build trust with your new audience/buyers
  • Earn a bit of truly "passive" income
  • Offer insane value to your new leads at an affordable rate

"I literally don't have to spend any time maintaining my tripwire. It's the most passive income ever and I've made over $1,000 from it!" - Liz, Clean Eating Couple

As an instant customer student, you will:

learn how to setup up tripwire

Get tripwire product ideas

Get complete tech-tutorials

Learn how to setup a sales page

Setup a working evergreen funnel

grow your sales on auto pilot

Here's what you'll learn in the instant customer course!

Module 1 - What is a tripwire & How does it work?

If you want tripwire success, you need to understand what it is and how it actually functions in the grand scheme of things. We cover the foundations in module 1, which will set you up for long-term success.

Module 2 - Overview of your tripwire setup

Get a birds eye view of the tripwire setup you're about to configure! This will give you a solid understanding of how the puzzle pieces all fit together before you start manipulating them.

Module 3 - Tech & Website setup

Yes, technology can be a headache. So that's why this course offers you complete website and tech tutorials to help your tripwire setup be as pain free and simple as possible.

Module 4 - Example Designs

It's hard to plan your own tripwire sales page design if you've never seen other examples. That's why I've compiled examples of several high performing tripwires so you can borrow ideas and implement them in your own strategy!

Module 5 - You're going to learn how the tripwire funnel works (big picture)

You must understand the big picture tripwire funnel in order to see how it will help and boost your business. That's what we're breaking down in this middle. You'll get the chance to visualize the big picture and plan your own attack.

Module 6 - Analyzing success

Now that your tripwire is setup, watch this module to learn how to analyze the success of your tripwire and change things to improve conversion rates. This is a good module to come back to in the future and keep returning to as time goes on.

Module 7 - complete checklist

Ensure you have everything setup correctly by accessing and utilizing the complete checklist!


Bonus #1 - $97 value


Create beautiful "mockups" of your digital product that you can display on your tripwire sales pages and promo graphics! The mockup creator kit can be used in Adobe inDesign or Canva and was professionally created by the amazing designer @basilandbark.

Bonus #2 - $299

Tripwire sales page review

I'll record a video for you sharing my thoughts on your tripwire sales page and giving recommendations for you to improve! This is insanely valuable! 

Before you get started, let me ask you a question...

Would you like to continue spinning your wheels hoping that you'll get customers?


...would you like to setup a system that will guarantee you as many customers as possible in the shortest window of time?

The choice is yours... 

Here's what you get when you join ICC:

7 modules of course content teaching you everything that you need to know in order to have tripwire success and turn leads into instant customers. Tech tutorials included!

(Value = $599)

Access to the mockup creator kit to help you create beautiful graphic designs!

(Value = $99)

Access to a personalized sales page review done by me!

(Value = $299)

Total Value of the Instant Customer Course =  $997

income from a Tripwire has the power to cover your expenses, turn leads into raving fans, and increase the chance that They buy from you again and again 

"Thank you so much for giving this training! I'm already getting busy with the course material to finally get a tripwire offer out there"


"I wanted to say thank you for your course. We've seen tripwire before and integrated them months ago. Thing is, we weren't very successful. This course gave us ideas for how to make it better and more valuable for our prospects.

Grace Conyers

"I didn't know what a tripwire was, nor that I needed it. But now I do! You explained EVERYTHING in a language a 68 year old could understand. By far the best course so far!

Chrissy Goodrich

Hi, there! I'm Eden, your digital product coach!

I'm strange in that my story starts when I decided to ditch my plans to attend law school (after paying a seat deposit, finding an apartment in the thick of NYC, the works) all to start a blog online. 

After a while toying around with a slew of different blog monetization strategies, I tried my hand at selling an online course. I had nothing to lose but my pride and lucky for me (and my bank account) it worked!

Quick success selling that online course lended itself to my next online course, which followed by a membership site. The entirety of my income now comes from digital product sales (workbooks, membership access and other one-off course access). I've developed several high performing (30% conversion rate funnels) that allow me to live life on my own terms and - the best part - now I have the distinct pleasure of teaching others how to do the same.  

Got a question? I've got answers!









What are you waiting for? 

you have auto-pilot sales to make!

Join the instant customers course today!

$97 ONLY $67!

It's just a one-time payment of $67!

Plus, once you setup your $9 tripwire, you'd only need to sell it 7 times to make your money back!

Join the instant customers course today!

It's just a one-time payment of $67!


Plus, once you setup your $9 tripwire, you'd only need to sell it 7 times to make your money back!