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Welcome to Business Foundations!

2 hours

7 lessons

Business Foundations is a critically important course that will walk you through the fundamental questions you need to answer and things you need to know in order to build a solid foundation for your business to grow. No foundation = no business growth (or rather a crumbling business later on). You won't regret spending time on these modules.

This is a MUST do course and it's recommended that you complete this as soon as possible. 

Please answer the prompts as you see them. Pause the video and reflect as necessary.

  • MODULE 1 - What are Business Foundations?
  • MODULE 2 - Creating Your Vision
  • MODULE 3 - Your Passion
  • MODULE 4 - Your Ideal Customer
  • MODULE 5 - Highest Level of Value
  • MODULE 6 - All About You
  • MODULE 7 - Building Your Persona