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Launch Your Digital Product in the next 90 Days

without wondering what the heck to do or how to do it

The launch struggle ends right here.

You’re desperately trying to make your online business profitable but nothing seems to be working. Ugh! You’ve heard that launching digital products is the way to go, but you have no clue how to go about it the right way – where do you even start?

And how do you know it will even work? Launching sounds like a whole lot of work – what if no one buys? What if you spend a ton of time and money on something that no one actually wants?

Listen, I hear you. Launching can be a big pain in the rear end – but I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t need to be so hard. Getting your product into the hands of your target customer CAN be easy and it is possible. You just need the right method. You need a helping hand. And you need someone to tell you what to do, when to do it and HOW to do it right. 

Can you imagine...

If any of this sounds like a dream, I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. And I know that, because I’ve been exactly where you are now and have created a proven system to help make launching easier so you can finally get your product into the hands of your ideal customers


That’s why I can't wait to introduce you to the
90-day Product Launch System inside of Rebel Boss University

If you're ready to launch your digital product with confidence

you're in the right place.

Far too often, digital product creators attempt launching in all the wrong ways. They focus on the wrong tasks, spend their energy and resources in all the wrong ways. Most people “attempt launching” and end up with… well, let’s just say “less than stellar results.” 

Bad launch strategy leads to bad launch results, which leads to a bad feeling about launching and it leads to you giving up even before you’ve given yourself a chance to succeed. 

Friends don’t let friends give up before the magic happens. Your product deserves to be found by your target customers – so give your product a chance. Make sure you’re launching using a proven system that will work time and time again.

When you implement the Rebel Boss U model


to this:

From having absolutely no clue how to launch and get more customer

To Having a super clear step-by-step guide to teach you and lead you the entire way

From Wondering if anyone is ever going to buy from you or if you’ll just have to call it quits

To not only having a successful launch, but having a sytem to launch time and time again

From Stressing that your business is never going to make money 

to never wondering where your next dollar is coming from because your product is selling on auto pilot

Don't stress about launching to crickets. Get your product out there in the next 90 days using this formula and your audience will grow!

Rebel Boss University is for YOU

Rebel Boss University provides you with a start to finish roadmap to launching your digital product in the next 90 days. You don’t even need to make your offer – RBU will teach you how to sell it first and make it later.

"Since enrolling in Rebel Boss University, I’ve learned how to write sales emails, host a webinar, create a sales page. I now have a digital product I can sell over and over again. But it’s the insight and clarity that makes the biggest difference. I now see a path forward to reach my goals that I didn’t see before I joined RBU."
Stephanie McLarty
Student in RBU

So, what is Rebel Boss University anyways?

Rebel Boss University is a virtual community created for people like you. Students inside the university learn how to sell a digital product that can help your business go from “off the map” to earning a profit every single month.

But it’s about MORE than just the product that you create and the people that you serve. It’s about helping you become the person you want to become.  

My business wasn’t always successful. I spent countless hours trying methods that never worked. I spent a lot of money on tools and courses that promised big results and ultimately disappointed. 

I know what it’s like to put in hours upon hours and not see any growth. Seriously, I get it so much.

But when you launch digital products the RIGHT way, everything changes. I want that for you. It’s your turn to be successful.

Following the program in Rebel Boss University, you’ll… (in just 90 days)

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

When you enroll in Rebel Boss University, you'll start our 6-stop roadmap that will lead you from planning out your offer, to launching - all in 90 days.

pit stop one

Setting the Foundation for Your Launch

This pit stop on your launch roadmap is focused on getting you in the perfect position to succeed with your launch. 

In Pit Stop one, you’re going to learn:

Pit Stop two

Product Messaging & Positioning

In order for you to have success with your launch, you need to be sure you’re talking about your offer in the right way. The best product in the world won’t sell if the messaging is off.

In pit stop two, you’re going to learn:

pit stop three

Launch Content To Build Buzz & Increase Sales

You’ll learn how content serves a greater purpose in your business strategy – to help lead your customer closer to making a purchase from you. This pit stop is focused on strategic content creation – the various types, scheduling, the whole nine yards.

In pit stop three, you’re going to learn:

Pit stop four

Writing Your Sales Pages & Sales Emails

This pit stop is all about taking the work you’ve done up until this point and infusing it into your copywriting. You’ll go through the process to fully create your sales page and launch sequence with templates, guides and handholding along the way 

In pit stop four, you’re going to learn:

pit stop five

Growth Strategies to Boost Your Launch

It’s one thing to prep for your launch, but it’s another thing entirely to build an audience of ideal customers who are ready and excited to buy from you. That’s what pit stop five is all about. We don’t want you to launch to an empty room and this pit stop will ensure you don’t. 

In pit stop five, you’re going to learn:

pit stop 6

Launch Week & Post Launch

It’s game time baby! Pit stop 6 is when you prep for the final details leading up to your actual launch week, plus what to do when launch week ends. 

In pit stop six, you’re going to learn:

It's time go get your product launched so that you can sell it on auto-pilot again and again and again (and again)

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Did someone say bonuses...? 🙌


Launch List - Your Step by Step To-do List!

This is a spreadsheet system that will automatically generate a complete launch task list based on your product, your launch strategies and your timeline. This is an insanely robust tool that will take away all of the guesswork when it comes to launching. You’ll never stare blankly at your computer wondering what you need to do again.

($797 value)


Pre-Launch & Launch Daily Social Media Content Scripts so you never stress about what to say again

If you’re feeling totally tongue tied about how to talk about your product, promote your launch event and actual get the word out, don’t worry! This nifty tool has you totally covered. Enter your launch date and the spreadsheet will tell you exactly what to say and post and on what date to post it. There’s spaces to make your own edits, mark whether or not something is posted and make changes. Priceless. ($97 value)


Affiliate Launch Team - Workshop & Bundle

Wondering how to leverage affiliates to grow your audience and reach so you can make more sales? Look no further. This is a workshop that will teach you how to build an affiliate program, find affiliates and entice them to help you promote your product and make sales. This workshop comes with a bundle of resources that will support your affiliate program – earnings calculator, pitching tracker, leaderboard template, pitching scripts, etc. ($314 Value)


Personal 1:1 Coaching Call - Sales Copy Review

Call me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY but you’re going to get on a call LIVE with a real-life launch copy writer who will, for 30 minutes, review and provide feedback to any of your sales copy (sales emails, sales page, whatever you want! As a member of Rebel Boss University, you get access to personal copy support!

($97 value)

The total value of Rebel Boss U is over $4,000

But you can join now and get your hands on literally everything that will make your launch a total breeze for just a fraction of that price! 😱🎉🙌

And yes... products REALLY do work. Pinky Promise! ✨

Works for beginners


On a regular day in September 2017, I had earned more in 30 hours from digital products, than I earned in the preceding 3 months with affiliate links. This earned over $1,000 in sales within 24 hours.

And it still works down the line

Earning 5 figure sales per month with products

After mastering product launches and turning products evergreen, I now comfortably generate sales in the 5 figures. The same method used to generate these numbers is what you’ll learn in Rebel Boss University.

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✨Just Imagine ✨

Income from a digital product launch could change the course of your business forever.

Rebel Boss University Guarantee

We're behind you 100%!

It’s scary to invest in yourself. I totally get it. That’s why I want you to rest assured that when you put in the work, it will be worth it. There are no strings attached when you join RBU. If you’d like to cancel your membership, just email our team and we will discontinue your payments no questions asked. We do not require a minimum number of payments! You are welcome to join for 1 month, or 20! 

Have we met?

I'm Eden Fried.

I’m a laid back (as in I’m mostly wearing athleisure 99% of the time)  digital product coach for female creatives who want to learn how to turn their passion into digital products they can launch and sell online. 

Personally, I believe that you shouldn’t need to waste away your life working for someone else making their day dream a reality when you should be working on things that make you HAPPY.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to making the product creation and launch process easier. It shouldn’t be so hard!

Over time, I’ve come up with processes and systems that take away the headache of launching. 

These tools that you’ll find inside of Rebel Boss University  are created to help you achieve whatever it is that you want to achieve – quit that job, pay off that debt, spend more time with your kids! It IS possible to make a living selling online. You just need the right tools to help you get there faster.

Just to clear the air...
NO, you do NOT need a big audience.

$500 earned with barely any pageviews

I know it doesn’t feel like this could be possible, but trust me – it’s not about how many people are viewing your site or are on your email list. It’s about finding the RIGHT people and the RIGHT offer. Several of our Rebel Boss University graduates have audiences with less than 200 people and still make several thousand dollars in sales from their products. 

In Rebel Boss University, you’ll learn how to sell the right product in the right way, without your strategies being dependent on your audience size.

Let's see... are you a good fit?

If any of these sounds like you, Rebel Boss U is the place for you. 

But if you’re still not sure if you’ll get value out of the experience send us a message by hitting that message button in the corner of the screen. I will turn you away if you’re not a good fit.

Do not join Rebel Boss U if you plan to sell something less expensive than $29. 

I can't wait to welcome you into Rebel Boss U!

Getting your target customers to find and buy your product doesn't *need* to be hard

you just need a roadmap to follow

If you’re over the launch struggle and just want someone to tell you do this, then that and this is how you do it – Rebel Boss University is for you. I don’t believe in BS, hypotheticals or theories. I believe in tried and true methods that will get you and your product found by the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time so you can make sales… finally. Plain and simple. If this sounds like your style, you and me are meant to be. 

If you're still reading, there's something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself...

RBU is not for everyone. If you currently have or plan on creating a digital product that is more expensive than $29, you’ll get value out of the RBU method. 

Heck yes. Technically speaking, even though coaching and memberships are not super passive, they 100% work when sold with the same strategies taught in RBU. In fact, I use the strategies to sell coaching and memberships myself!

When you join RBU, you’ll have immediate access and you’ll retain access as long as you’re an active member.

Absolutely not. I believe that you need to choose technology that fits your budget and your goals – and this will be different for everyone. In fact, I teach you how to choose the right technology for you inside of RBU Pit Stop 1. I will make recommendations, but you are not required to use any specific tool.

Abso-freaking-lutely. Listen, it’s a common misconception that in order to launch a product you need to have a product. False. In reality, pre-launching a product idea is the way to go and this is what RBU is built on. You do not need a product made. You just need a rad-idea.

Rebel Boss U is a course – with video recordings and workbooks along with resources like spreadsheets, graphic templates and copy templates.

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